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Event Ticketing

Let Eventfinda provide ticketing services for your tour, festival, expo, show, theatre, school or venue. From clubs to festivals to reserved theatre seating, we can do it all.

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It's easy, fast, and low-cost for you and your ticket buyers
Eventfinda Ticketing is a quick, intuitive, easy to use, and cost-effective way to sell tickets to all kinds of events and venues.

Ticket buyers aren't required to set up an account, give us a lot of personal details or type squiggly letters in boxes when all they want to do is buy a ticket.

Marketing & Visibility
As NZ's largest entertainment guide and provider of event information to all of NZ's major media sites (Yahoo, Stuff, NZ Herald), nobody gets more coverage for events than Eventfinda. If your event is ticketed by us, it will get in front of the largest online audience possible on Eventfinda and across all of those big media sites.

Total Financial Transparency
One the of the biggest advantages of using the Eventfinda Ticketing Service is that charges, fees and sales are all completely transparent. Eventfinda charges the promoter a single, flat fee per ticket, not a percentage of your ticket revenue.

You will always know exactly how much money is coming to you. The reconciliation process is fast with a crystal clear breakdown of ticket sales and fees. The money is deposited directly into your bank account.

Multi-Level Pricing
Our ticketing system is designed for simple events through to multi-day, multi-price level events and festivals. Using our promoters' portal, Eventfinda Pro, you can manage your tickets, set allocations, manage your event details and set up tickets whenever you like.

Market to Your Customers
Using Eventfinda Pro, you can create promo codes for discounts and special offers and you can re-market to your previous ticket buyers, all through one simple system.

Free Complimentary E-Tickets
Send complimentary e-tickets through Eventfinda Pro to whomever you like whenever you no charge.

Physical Tickets Available
We can print physical tickets for sale at venues, retail stores or kiosks. Just ask and we'll courier them wherever you want.

Easy Entry Management
For smaller events, a door list is automatically generated, displaying the ticket buyers' details along with a unique code for easy checking of tickets at the venue.

For larger events Eventfinda can supply handheld scanners to electronically validate tickets at the venue entry point(s).

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"Eventfinda has been my #1 ticketing agency choice for years. The ticket product, the marketing, the service and the flexibility I receive as a Promoter is quite simply, the best."
Ara Adams-Tamatea — Exodus NYE Festival, Katchafire.

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